I had an inguinal hernia, which had progressed in a short space of time to be relatively large and bothersome - it had become painful to stand and it was limiting what activities I could do. I know that the success of the procedure is strongly related to the skill and diligence of the surgeon and I found Prof Sheen after conducting extensive research. I also asked the nursing staff before the surgery and the unanimous consensus was that Prof Sheen is particularly meticulous in surgery.

Prof Sheen's surgical prowess was evident immediately postoperatively; I had minimal pain and recovered within just a couple of weeks without complication. This is in contrast to a previous laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, which I had done on the other side a few years previously where i was very painful for several weeks after the surgery.

Thank you Prof Sheen for taking such care in repairing my hernia.


I was diagnosed with a sports hernia in 2006 and underwent two open surgeries under the care of two different sports hernia specialists. Unfortunately these interventions were unsuccessful and also left me with additional problems - notably an additional incisional hernia.

This left me rather debilitated and in some despair.  Uncertain as to the future, and somewhat wary of surgery at this point, I was advised to see Professor Sheen.

After a thorough diagnostic work-up by Professor Sheen I underwent a TEP laparoscopic mesh repair of my incisional hernia and was almost immediately 85% better as a result.  I was once again able to do moderate physical activity.  A second operation was then undertaken to deal with a further legacy of the previously unsuccessful surgeries.  On this occasion an open procedure was advised and performed.  The two operations performed by Professor Sheen have thankfully resolved my problems.

I am pleased to say that I am now pain free and able to participate once again in my chosen pursuits of walking and cycling.  I really could not have hoped for a better outcome.  I am grateful to Professor Sheen for his care and skill as a surgeon, which has enabled me to return to a normal and active life once again.  

Thank you.

Dr. LB
Medical Doctor
April 2017