In January 2017 after 2 same day cancellations I had surgery for a right sided inguinal hernia at my local Hospital.

The recovery was painful but eventually I recovered and for a few months was back to normal, but then I started to experience pain again and was referred back to the hospital.

It then took a period of six months to get initial and follow up appointments with a consultant, who arranged and had analysed, MRI and Ultrasound scans the latter indicating small bi-lateral hernias.

However the consultant discounted the ultrasound result as being what he referred to as “false positives” (i.e. they probably don’t exist) and referred me on to another long waiting list to see the Chronic Pain Team which he claimed was the correct procedure in these cases.

Having had nearly 8 months of chronic pain during which I was unable to stand upright for more than 5 minutes I decided not to wait any longer but seek a second opinion.

After extensive research on line the Surgeon with a fantastic reputation for laparoscopic hernia surgery in the North West was Professor Aali J Sheen.

I rang his secretary and got an appointment to see Prof. Sheen the very next day. After explaining the problems I was having he examined me and diagnosed bilateral recurrent inguinal hernia without recourse to either MRI or Ultrasound scans. He then explained how he was going to sort it for me in friendly confidence boosting fashion.

True to his word three weeks later he successfully performed a laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair at the Spire hospital. After recovery from the general anaesthetic I was able to stand and walk freely without pain for the first time in 9 months.

It’s now about 8 pain free weeks since the procedure and I now walk around 5 miles each day in an attempt to get fit again.

I will be forever grateful to Professor Sheen and his Support Team for giving me my life back.

With Many Thanks

John Gaskell
April 2018 

I had an inguinal hernia, which had progressed in a short space of time to be relatively large and bothersome - it had become painful to stand and it was limiting what activities I could do. I know that the success of the procedure is strongly related to the skill and diligence of the surgeon and I found Prof Sheen after conducting extensive research. I also asked the nursing staff before the surgery and the unanimous consensus was that Prof Sheen is particularly meticulous in surgery.

Prof Sheen's surgical prowess was evident immediately postoperatively; I had minimal pain and recovered within just a couple of weeks without complication. This is in contrast to a previous laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, which I had done on the other side a few years previously where i was very painful for several weeks after the surgery.

Thank you Prof Sheen for taking such care in repairing my hernia.


I was diagnosed with a sports hernia in 2006 and underwent two open surgeries under the care of two different sports hernia specialists. Unfortunately these interventions were unsuccessful and also left me with additional problems - notably an additional incisional hernia.

This left me rather debilitated and in some despair.  Uncertain as to the future, and somewhat wary of surgery at this point, I was advised to see Professor Sheen.

After a thorough diagnostic work-up by Professor Sheen I underwent a TEP laparoscopic mesh repair of my incisional hernia and was almost immediately 85% better as a result.  I was once again able to do moderate physical activity.  A second operation was then undertaken to deal with a further legacy of the previously unsuccessful surgeries.  On this occasion an open procedure was advised and performed.  The two operations performed by Professor Sheen have thankfully resolved my problems.

I am pleased to say that I am now pain free and able to participate once again in my chosen pursuits of walking and cycling.  I really could not have hoped for a better outcome.  I am grateful to Professor Sheen for his care and skill as a surgeon, which has enabled me to return to a normal and active life once again.  

Thank you.

Dr. LB
Medical Doctor
April 2017